Weather you buy a pre-made world, or create one from your own imagination, the second you and your players interact with that map you changed it to be uniquely yours and your groups.  From that moment on you are making a world more alive for your players.  Prior to that, it was words on a page in a book.

It doesn’t matter what happens, what events and encounters happened, your player are interacting with your world and changing it, as you do to place encounters for them.  They decimate a village, or end a plague ravishing a small village’s small rabbit farm.  Whatever the players do; changes the world a little.

This module is going to look at tips, tricks and tools that make the life of the world builder a bit easier.  I also look at rules, and what CAN be done to shape your world by using them to alter regions or items etc..  Not the be-all and end-all of things, but hopefully a place for you to start, or use.

Quick Note:

All the work I am doing in this module will be focused on Tir Avalon my world, but when answering questions in chat I will make them generic as I can, as one option, and one way how I personally would do it, hoping to give as many options as I can.


Each session I will have something to start with, something like below for example:

  1. Religion
  2. Country details
  3. Politics
  4. Trade
  5. Conflicts

I will take this as the starting point of as much of an open discussion as I can with those in stream, and if nobody is talking, I will go though some items which can be watched in the VODs later, or on my YouTube channel once it is all setup.

For the topics I discuss, I will look as evenhandedly as I can, looking at the a couple of different angles per topic as it is discussed, so that as many options as possible are presented.

I will also go through the other tools that I use in the process(es) as well, and details on those can be found in the Tools & Software section.


The goal of this module, is to show you as a DM / GM, how to modify and or create a new world of your own, so that it is YOUR setting for you and your players.

Each topic will have it’s own set of goals, so there are none specific, however I will endeavor to do the following to each topic:

  • Does the change NEED to be done (can something else replace it)
  • Does it break the game?  Is it too OP?
  • Does it fit into your world?
  • Is it fun?