Maps look so daunting, when they are done right.  Not that mine are, but I do like the ones I am making as they fit into my world I am creating at the moment (Tir Avalon).  It doesn’t matter the kind of map, the basics of map making can be a bit daunting, especially for beginners.  That’s who this module is aimed at.  I will be showing what I do when I do mapping, and the tools used, and techniques.

I will be looking at tips, tricks and tools that make the life of the map maker more rewarding, by making the process of starting in mapping as easy as I can.  Mapping is one of those things in the game, where you literally can make the world like a god.  Or Slartibartfast if you will.  It should be fun, as much fun as the game almost, because what you make, the players will probably get to see.

Quick Notes:

  • The maps I will be making in this module are for my world Tir Avalon, of those made by myself.  The idea is to show the techniques, and you make your own maps with them.
  • The last thing to note is that I will be making this maps for use on Roll20, and I will be making them to align to the grid in the tables.


Each session I will have something to start with as an idea for a map, it could include any of the following (and a lot more):

  1. Creatures Lair
  2. NPC camp
  3. Small Town
  4. A castle.
  5. An animal trail in the forest.

I will have something to work on, but as the streams go on, I hope to be interacting with the community to make maps, and add things to them.

Topics I will look at tools, techniques, processes and more all aimed to help you get a usable map out fast, and a beautiful map out over time.

I will also go through the other tools that I use in the process(es) as well, and details on those can be found in the Tools & Software section.


The goal of this module is to provide you with a set of tools you can use, modify are dump to make your own maps.  I am not a genius at this, but I do like the current maps I am making a lot, and I think THAT is more important for good map making: having fun.

There are no specific goals, this will be an ongoing series of firstly making some maps, showing what I am working on, and then the last hour of the show, I would love to go over questions, and then help figure something out on stream, and anything created is then given to the user.