Hi, first off, I just want to say thanks for dropping by, and for the interest!

So I am going to keep this as simple, and short as possible.  First the important stuff:

My name is Julian, and I am a gaming addict.  I am a 50 year old, retired, man living in Brisbane, Australia with my wife of 20 years and our 13 year old son, two cats, and soon hopefully to be a dog.  I stream games online on Twitch (click the link below), and game online and off in all forms of gaming.  I also put a bit of (and more to come soon) general stuff for gaming on my gaming website (also linked below, below).


Gaming History

I started gaming in the start of the 1980s.  I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1983 with the “Red Box” edition, and have never regretted it.  I started GMing in ’91, and have gone from regret to joy more times than I care to remember, and had some amazing times.

During the 90s from ’93 onward, I was a very active local player, spending much of my free time at local gaming stores (I still miss you Hit Point).  I also spent a lot of time going to gaming conventions, and winning awards.  I even joined a ‘professional’ team as well, when there were not only said professional teams (one even had Coke as a Sponsor(!)), and went to a convention and won two awards from one session.  I have over the years won multiple awards for role playing, characterization and DMing at gaming conventions.

More recently as 5e was starting to arrive on the scene I joined the Adventurer’s League as a Local Coordinator.  My role was to help the local stores in the city I was in (Canberra at the time) to run AL sessions.  I filled one store so it overflowed into the other 2.  I also play tested modules for AL and WotC at the time too.

Now I am writing a Campaign World called Tir Avalon, and I stream my D&D games IN Tir Avalon on Monday morning my time (Sunday evening USA times) on Twitch.  Tir Avalon is a very different world (and I know many say that), but mine has official approval to use the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the world including publishing rights(!).

And I do this…

Professional History

(that applies to this)

Professionally I started work in my career (rather than anything to get a buck in the wallet) in IT 22 years ago.  I started low, then got a lucky break being hired by someone, who quit the day I started got me a pretty quick promotion.  I ended up doing a lot before becoming someone who got hired by companies and government to trouble shoot their organisation, and identify areas to correct in how they operate in specific areas.  Then I would get hired (most times) to oversee and implement the required changes to correct the problem.  All with a focus on customer experience and customer service.  One of these areas, and the largest is the processes, and I use this experience to break things down to manageable levels so my classes are easy to follow navigate but have the maximum gain possible.

I also spent time working for a professional training firm, again process work, but also working with their trainers.  I have also done federal training programs on instruction giving.  During this time, I also joined an organisation of professional speakers called Toastmasters.  This is a club that gets people together (usually professional people, people interested in gaining speaking skills, or folks who want a laugh) and they help each other do public speaking, working on common goals as a group supporting each other.  And mostly we try to make each other laugh all the time.

Why do this, and for Free?

I do this because it’s fun, and growing the hobby can ONLY be a good thing.

I do it for free because it’s a hobby, and if I try and make money (not that I could) it would take the fun away from my hobby.

I do it for the games and gaming.